Fast on paper

The original one

Fast on paper is an ALL-IN integrated system performing the full production workflow, from the receipt of the file until the print job is ready to be delivered

At MBA Srl, we offer innovative eco-friendly solutions to the large format digital printing industry specialized in 00H paper advertisements

Customer's needs are various and manifold; that's why MBA' product range is customized and developed according to our fundamental pillars:

Increase production capacity with high-speed machines up to 1.000sqm/h

Reduce operational costs with automated process roll to sheet with cutter inline and optional Jumbo Feeder to reduce the paper costs and operator manipulation

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly water-based inks with low consumption 3-6g/sqm

Magnific printing quality and high definition using Kyocera print heads 4-12pl

Reliable High technology, ready for Industry 4.0, and stable production 24h/day accompained by a technical service capable of solving any incident within the shortest possible time

Simplify the workflow from the receipt of the file until the print job is ready to be delivered

Discover the original "Fast on Paper" solutions and find the model that best suits your needs

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Green attitude

MBA cares about environment and employees health and safety. Choosing Fast on Paper enhances an ECO- Friendly process instead of a traditional UV/solvent process, by preserving the unchanged quality of the final product.

Fast on Paper is a far more sustainable option since it implies less energy and waste, with a smaller carbon footprint overall.

Printing body machine by MS Printing Solution has successfully achieved Green Label sustainable machinery certification.

The increasingly restrictive regulations on workplace safety and environmental quality standards, as well as the optimization of production and process costs, have led users to choose a water-based solution, Isonik PG-K 21. On one hand, the very low ink consumption cuts energy usage and greenhouse emissions on the drying process, on the other hand, it reduces the waste of empty plastic bottles and ink wasted in purges.

Technical assistance

MBA team is highly qualified, and any incident is solved very quickly with the utmost professional care. MBA technical team can easily detect and monitor the status of printers by means of the interface connection.

Many incidents are remotely resolved and remote assistance is totally free of charge.