1.200 mm diameter / 1.500 kg

MS JP7, 550 sqm/h,
16 Kyocera KJ4B Printheads

Air-forced & IR-Lamps

Fotoba XLD High Speed
Inline 170-210 cm

Fast speed up to 550 sqm/h.
Produce more than 1,5M sqm/year with only one operator.

Choose Fast on Paper RTS JP7 and increase your poster paper productivity with a fully autonomous industrial digital printing machine. It reduces operating costs and grants a quick return on investment.

Jumbo Roll Feeding system

Max. paper roll width: 2.100 mm

Max. paper roll weight: 1.800 kg

Max. paper roll diameter: 1500mm

Roll replacement significantly simplified and speeded up. A special system with mechanical arms driven by pistons and hydraulic power unit lift the roll into the unwinding position.

Digital Printing Unit MS JP7

Productivity up to 550 sqm/h

Maximum Printing width 180 cm

16 Kyocera ph 600×600 dpi 4-12pl

Ink tank capacity: 20 L x colour CMYK

Vacuum belt system stably transports media

Head crash protective system by laser-beam sensors

3 automatic print head cleanings: soft/normal/strong

Magnetic linear motor for accurate printing at higher speeds


User friendly interface with touch screen technology

Optimization functionality

Print is prepared in few, simple and intuitive steps, thus avoiding mistakes and long waiting time for data preparation

Performance and maximum productivity

User Interface Management

Printer Communication Management

Communication Management with RIP software

Processing the required prints

Storage of prints

Combi Dryer

A combination of Air Force and Infra-Red Lamps

The water evaporates by means of hot air and the pigment is fixed on media by IR lamps, enabling media manipulation and application immediately after printing

Cutting Unit

At the end of the line, the cutting unit automatically receives your printing job ready for delivery

Fotoba XLD High Speed Inline 210 cm / 170 cm

Unattended cutting

Synchronized with printer speed

Edge Tracking

Water based digital inks

Develop sustainable technologies is our responsibility towards future generations.

Isonik PG-K21 EVO is the Water-Based ink-jet pigment inks produced by Isocarbo, Italian manufacturer since 1923 developing innovative products and sustainable technology solutions.

Thanks to its significant expertise on printing processes, Isocarbo joined MBA since 2017 developing the water based inks for the Fast on Paper machines, improving and adapting the formulations to the market needs and customers requests with accurate quality control choosing always high quality, reliable and stable materials.

After some years of proved experience in WB Billboarding applications, Isocarbo further enhanced the actual PG ink series to boost the main ink performance such as:

• Wide colour range
• Excellent light fastness
• Perfect performance on Kyocera KJ4B
• Optimal drying time property on blue/white back traditional offset/digital paper